About Us

Mobile Surface Restoration

We are a completely mobile and eco-friendly surface restoration specialist operating in the coastal Georgia community. With over 30 years experience in auto body, paint, and surface restoration; we use varied blasting media that is safe on most surfaces including steel, iron, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood. This means we can help strip down the most delicate items, from your dream hotrod project to your heirloom furniture restoration - No project is too big or too small.

What is blasting?

blasting is an innovative cleaning technology that uses a special blast media to remove paint, rust, dirt and other contaminants without causing damage to the surface being cleaned.

Soda Blasting and Sand Blasting

SODA BLASTING media is based on sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), a water-soluble and non-toxic compound. Soda blasting uses a low pressure blasting machine to propel the soda onto the surface to be stripped. The soda media gently removes the contaminant without harming the surface.

SAND BLASTING uses a higher pressure blasting machine and a more abrasive media to strip away surface materials that may be more resistant to the delicate soda blasting process. 

We offer full service, mobile - soda and sand blasting services depending on your project needs.

Customer Testimonials

Bethany Joy  

3 months ago

Had two antique, wrought iron bed frames stripped down with a turn around time of only one day! You can't beat that for customer service! Thanks Jerry!!

Juan Posadas  

5 months ago

I was very pleased with the job jerry did on my truck he was very professional and stayed right at the budget I had. Will certainly use his services again. Thanks for everything soda blast solutions

Christopher Severino
8 months ago
Great attention to detail. Was kept informed throughout the process with pictures and videos. Really pleased with the end result. Helpful and informative. Would recommend this company!

Charles Propes
a year ago
Mr. Jerry's attention to detail was far more than I expected. He even went a couple steps further than we agreed on. With no extra charge. His prompt, professionalism, and integrity are what these chain companies are lacking. That's why I try to keep my business local. If you live on the coastal area the salt will tear just about everything you own up. Instead of buying new, why not give sodablastsolutions a call. Not only will you be glad you did. But, your bank account will thank you.

Melissa Jones
2 years ago
Soda Blast Solutions did an awesome job removing many years and many layers of paint around the windows, doors and from the brick of my home.  With the old paint gone, the new windows and doors that were installed to my home looks great!  Highly recommend!!!  Thank you!!

Sonny Rise
2 years ago
The guys at Soda Blast did a great job of removing layers of old paint and some light rust from my '67 Mustang. To my surprise there was much bondo under the paint. Good job Soda Blast.

Jeff Mobley
2 years ago
Soda Blast Solutions blasted the paint off of my 1975 CJ5 Jeep. I was wanting my restoration to look new when complete. They came in removed all old paint, revealing any hidden rust before proceeding with body work.